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  • Benefits of the Red Seal Program

    In order to allow tradespeople to work across the country, all provinces and territories in partnership with the federal government have created the "Red Seal (InterProvincial Standards) Program". It permits skilled tradespeople in specified trades to work anywhere in Canada. The ‘Red Seal’ endorsement is an additional seal or a valuable recognition that is placed on your Provincial or Territorial Certificate of Qualification/Journeyperson’s Certificate. To obtain it, you must graduate from a recognized provincial/territorial apprenticeship program or obtain a journeyperson level Certificate of Qualification from a province/territory and sit and pass the Interprovincial Standards (“Red Seal”) exam. To date, over ...

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  • Jobs in skilled trades are among top jobs for 2012 and beyond!

    Parents used to dream of sending their offspring to university followed by a white-collar job, but the bias against the skilled trades has lead to a shortage of workers. In 2010, experts say there was already a shortage of 50,000 workers in Canada — and this number is expect to rise sharply in the coming decades. Some of Canada’s top industries like food services, automotive and manufacturing rely on the trades. What about compensation? Contrary to popular belief, many people in the trades earn above average salaries, says Skills Canada — plus they complete their training without the burden of massive ...

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  • What is the cost of an apprenticeship program?

    With so much news about the high cost of secondary education, you may be wondering what your cost will be to start an apprenticeship program. While a typical College or University program can be expensive and leave many graduates with significant debt and job uncertainty, apprenticeship programs offer a much lower cost path to a career that pays well and is in high demand. During an apprenticeship program, you spend most of the year training on the job. While you train, you receive an hourly wage that increases each year and eventually brings you up to a full journeyperson salary ...

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  • Welcome to Apprenticeship Career Connections 2012

    We are excited to be back to host our 4th Annual Apprenticeship Career Connections Fair! We like to invite anyone who is interested in apprenticeships and careers in the skilled trades to attend this exciting, interactive event. In addition, we wish to extend an invitation to companies in Peel, Halton and Dufferin regions, currently employing apprentices in their workforce to join us. We have ample space to ensure that everyone enjoys the event to the fullest! We want to make this an interactive experience for students, people looking for retraining options, second careers and new Canadians. We look forward to seeing you ...

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  • What is apprenticeship training?

    Apprenticeship is an on-the-job training program for people who want to work in a skilled trade or occupation and includes learning new skills from highly skilled and more experienced workers known as journeypersons. Journeypersons must have provincial or inter-provincial certification in their trade and they are required to mentor and train apprentices according to provincial government guidelines. Apprentices also complete classroom instruction as a part of their training. They usually spend 40-44 weeks a year on the job and attend school from six to eight weeks. Keep in mind that apprentices earn ...

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