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  • Some Interesting Facts to consider

    Mani Goulding of Ontario Power Generation said that skilled trades shortage has reached an all time high and OPG as well as other companies claim that they are having trouble finding people in the areas of control and mechanical maintenance There are many applicants for these jobs but they are lacking the skill set needed to succeed at the job at hand 56% of firms have admitted to hiring less than desirable candidates and a whopping 30% have foregone business altogether because of an insufficient labour supply Canadian Electricity Association reports that within the electricity sector alone, 26% will be eligible for retirement ...

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  • Skilled Trades Shortage needs attention

    When encouraging high school students to focus on their careers and plan what they feel is best in the long run, the skilled trades sector seldom enters conversation. Many children have expressed the sentiment that parents are not likely to promote the skilled trades in the household with more focus being put on unverisity degrees. "Of the 10 jobs business owners found hardest to fill, the most serious gap was in trades- ranking ahead of engineers, teachers and nurse" (Entrepreneurs, 2012).  Skills Canada is expecting the skilled trades worker shortage to reach a whopping one million people and there is little ...

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  • Skilled Tradespeople in Demand

    Due to the fact that we are experiencing a large retirement from the ‘baby boomers,’ the need for skilled tradespeople will be at all-time high in the near future. According to Harding Road Campus Principal, James Loder, there will be many opportunities for apprentices across the board and it will be the skilled trades where people will have no problem finding employment.  Wages are higher in the skilled trades in comparison to other occupations with an average salary of $22.36 per hour. The Canadian economy will experience a serious shortage if no proactive measures are taken ...

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  • Apprenticeship Career Connections 2013

    We are so excited to be back for our fifth annual Apprenticeship Career Connections Fair! This year, the event is being hosted on March 06, 2013 at the International Centre Hall 5. We are working towards making this event even bigger and better with MORE visitors and MORE exhibitors! We invite all those who are looking for career options, students, those looking for retraining options and new Canadians to become part of this exciting and interactive event. In addition, we wish to extend an invitation to companies in Peel, Halton and Dufferin regions, currently employing apprentices in their workforce to join us. We have ample ...

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  • Women in Skilled Trades

    While women make up approximately 11% of total apprenticeships completed across Canada, their numbers are highly concentrated in traditionally female dominated industries within the Service skilled trades. More than two-thirds of these women completed apprenticeships in hairstyling. Likewise, of everyone who went into the food service industry, approximately 80% were women.  In contrast, less than 3% of all apprentices in the Construction, Automotive and Manufacturing trades were women. With 50% of our current trades people expected to retire in the next seven to ten years, Canada will face a huge challenge in finding replacement workers. This impending skills shortage in the ...

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