Exhibitor Testimonials

“St. Lawrence college is very pleased to be a partner in the Apprenticeship Career connections again this year. This show is an excellent opportunity for students, parents , educators, underemployed and unemployed folks to increase their awareness of what occupations exist  and what critical skills are required by employers. It also provides trainers  and educators  like us  an opportunity to share with participants our programs which provide graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the new economy.”

-Russ Finn, St. Lawrence College

“Centennial College’s School of Transportation is proud to be a part of the Apprenticeship Career Connections event. This event gives us an incredible opportunity to meet with potential students and discuss how our transportation programs can begin their path to becoming an apprentice in a transportation trade. Thank you for this opportunity…”

-Darryl Ormiston, Centennial College, School of Transportation

“Ontario Truck Driving School is pleased to be a partner with Apprenticeship Career Connections. We are attracted to the message delivered by this event and it’s partners. The transportation industry has recently introduced an apprenticeship program for newly licensed “AZ” drivers, with Ontario Truck Driving School being acknowledged as a leader in training and preparation. The professional standard from the staff make this a “must attend”.”

-Jim Campbell, Ontario Truck Driving School

“Events like these are extremely important for both both industry and for students. It’s a great opportunity for us to communicate to visitors that there is a need for people in the skilled trades.”

- Georgian College

“We find this event to be a premier showcase event that we are absolutely proud to be part of.”

- Dean Xuereb, PCL

“It’s a great outreach opportunity for us to meet the students and future tradespeople, and we really appreciate this opportunity.”

- Scott Collie, Ontario Masonry Training Centre

“When I had an apprenticeship, I had nothing like this [Apprenticeship Career Fair]. This is incredible and very exciting, come out and join us!”

- Rendal Mercer, Chef de Cuisine – Spoke Club

“This event is very important, it gives us a great opportunity to showcase Le Cordon Bleu, meet students coming from all over the area, explain what our school is like and what it is like to be a chef.”

- Peter Baumgart, Le Cordon Bleu

“We were able to communicate and provide information to many attendees at the fair. We will definitely like to return next year

-Monique Abbott, YMCA

“Very well organized, well run show, it provides lots of valuable information to students and members of the public. We would continue to provide this opportunity to people.”

-Russ Phin,  St Lawrence College

“This was an excellent and well organized career fair. One of the best that I have attended as an exhibitor and I encourage you to open it up to more adult clients in the future. Kudos to Keisha and staff!!”  

-Mark Miron, OETIO

“Great opportunity to connect people with the apprenticeship opportunities especially with young students. We need more skilled trade people and attendees are our future”

“We thoroughly enjoyed participating in this event, meeting students, recent high school graduates and other exhibitors. This event further reinforced the value and need for trades in the Province. Well done ACC Team!!”

“We were able to communicate and provide information to many attendees at the fair. We will definitely like to return next year.”


Apprenticeship Career Connections is an independent not-for-profit project of the Peel Halton Workforce Development Group.