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Jobs in skilled trades are among top jobs for 2012 and beyond!

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Parents used to dream of sending their offspring to university followed by a white-collar job, but the bias against the skilled trades has lead to a shortage of workers. In 2010, experts say there was already a shortage of 50,000 workers in Canada — and this number is expect to rise sharply in the coming decades. Some of Canada’s top industries like food services, automotive and manufacturing rely on the trades.

What about compensation? Contrary to popular belief, many people in the trades earn above average salaries, says Skills Canada — plus they complete their training without the burden of massive student debt. In fact, the government offers grants of up to $4000 for completing an apprenticeship.

If you’re already skilled in one of these areas, be on the look out for teaching opportunities. Colleges are looking to hire skilled instructors, and more high schools are offering courses in the trades. (Some faculties of education offer training programs for people in the trades, and teaching salaries can include credit for years worked in the field.)

For more information on careers in the trades, see Skills Canada and Careersintrades.ca

Source: Yahoo

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